What My Clients Say


We brought Bentley home 3 months ago and we couldn’t be happier! He is an absolute joy and brings a smile to everyone he meets. Bentley loves to chase birds and play with the other dogs in the neighbourhood. Thank you Curious Puppies for introducing us to the newest member of our family

Andrea Henry - Alabama

So it has been a busy week.Where do I start ,well after a few day’s of watching him and his personality we stayed with the name Shadow.He is getting along well with Tucker, He Loves the cats and crate training is a breeze.We will send pics soon

Tiffany Holmes - California

Stryker is such a gentle and sweet dog and wonderful to train. He is especially good with other dogs and loves to play with his best friends who happen to be Westies and Wire Haired Dachshunds. There is a calmness about him which is endearing and very typical of the dogs that Chloe breeds.   We love him dearly.

Keith Ruiz - Georgia

Hey guys!
Been a while. I got “lucy” (now Kelsie) off you guys way back in November! Just wanted to give you an update! She is now 3.5lbs! I’ve attached some pictures for you. Shes absolutely crazy and the biggest baby in the world! We absolutely love her 🙂

Doris Jones - Sydney

Huck is a brilliant, enthusiastic puppy with lots of energy. He has integrated well into our family of two other older dogs. We have started him in basic obedience, and he picks up new things very fast.  He loves people, and accepts human leadership well. He also has a very sweet disposition.

I love crazy Huck. He is very smart

Margaret Tran - Alabama

Maizie is my trusted and most loyal companion. Thanks Chloe for this wonderful house mate. She and Mel have helped extend my years.

Gary Walker - London

Bella is definitely an odd ball as she is in love with being outside in our backyard! Bella has been on one long road trip & was a trooper the whole way (she travelled 15 hours up north to meet the rest of the family)

Mary Barnett - Toronto

The owners are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and they have lots of great advice about quality pet food and treats. It’s a cute little shop. I really enjoyed my time there. I will definitely visit again.

Megan Lawrence - Minnesota

Hello Danny and Chloe ! So i’m Stephen who came and picked this little guy up on sunday. Here a two pictures as of today. We gave him the name Nero. He is very happy in our house and has given us no trouble at all. I did as you asked and he has been to the vet and is a healthy boy! So just wanted to thank you again and give you these pictures. And their will be more to come! Have a good one 🙂

Carl Adams - California