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Chloe and Danny

Our dogs are members of our family

Our love for the French Bulldog is indescribable

Chloe was born in Los Angeles.The love for animals is in her blood as through her childhood she was constantly around animals. Her father, mother, sister and a couple of cousins are veterinarians. She grew up going regularly to her parents farms, and later on, for a couple of years she helped in her mother’s Animal Hospital.

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Our family

Danny is the an amazing husband and main supporter of my dream

Chloe was already absolutely in love with the Boston Terrier breed, when in one of the dog shows they went to, her husband Danny met a French Bulldog and was awestruck at how gorgeous and sweet they were. It all started as a joke, but shortly after that day Chloe and her husband were studying yet another breed and planning to bring home their first French Bulldog.

It’s known that testing our dogs can’t guarantee that they will never develop problems in the future. It’s also known that there is no perfect dog. But testing is the only way to reduce the chances of having genetic problems passing on.

I screen all potential families carefully and am very selective in the placement of my precious babies. My dogs are treated as part of my family, live in my home, sleep close to me at night and go on daily outings / walks with me because I enjoy their company and in order to become properly socialized happy pooches.